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Cabbage Question

I have a question about my son's cabbage that he is growing for school. We are new to growing cabbage and am not sure what is wrong with ours...or if there is anything wrong with it at all.

We planted the cabbage in a large pot due to our dogs in our backyard who will dig it up. There is this strange growth towards the base of the plant where the last leaves are. It is a cluster look, almost like what the head of a broccoli looks like. It is very strange looking and we are not sure if it is harmful. The cabbage seems to be growing rather well and large, but I am worried about if this might be a fungus or a disease on it.

We have only used soil bought from the store, so I am pretty sure it isn't a disease of the soil. Does anyone know what I am speaking of? Have you seen this growth before?

Thank you so much for your time on this.


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This doesn't sound normal but, are you able to post a picture? I'm having trouble picturing what you are describing.

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