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Tiger melon problem.... Not producing flowers?!

This year I decided to try growing tiger melons a friend of mine had started some from seeds he saved last year. I planted the melon a month and a half ago and the plant is doing well but it has produced NO flowers at all. No female or male flowers it's just sending out vines everywhere... What gives?

All of my other melon plants are flowering and even the Fearie melons next to it have melons already. Could there be something wrong with the plant? Maybe tiger melon seeds are not good to save? Or should I just be patient and the flowers will come? I'm about ready to pull up the tiger melons and grow an ambrosia cantaloupe cause I know those go crazy in my garden.

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If that is a hybrid melon, the saved seed may not produce desirable melons due to the nature of hybrid plants. That's my best guess. If your other melons are doing well, I'd yank the tigers and opt for a better performer so as not to waste garden space/fertilizer.

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