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Grand Prize Hybrid (Cabbage)

does anyone know what these plants require to grow best, or cabbage in general.

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Cabbage should be planted in nutrient rich soil and watered regularly. Companion plants include: Potatoes, celery, dill, chamomile, sage, thyme, mint, pennyroyal, rosemary, lavender, beets, onions; aromatic plants deter cabbage worms

Here is some more information:

Cabbages produce large leafy plants. Space cabbage plants at 12"-18" within the row and space rows between 18" and 34" apart.

Direct Seeding
A well-prepared seedbed with adequate moisture is a must for direct seeded cabbage. Sow cabbage seeds ½" deep, four per foot, within rows spaced 24"-36" apart. Gently press the soil after planting to ensure the seed is in contact with it. Thin to one seedling within each foot.

Seeding For Transplants
Sow cabbage seed into flats, cells, or soil blocks of soil-less mix at 3-4 seeds per inch/unit. Ideal temperatures for cabbage growth are between 45°F at night and 85°F during the day. Begin hardening off the seedlings seven days before transplanting. Ensure good sunlight exposure to prevent the cabbage seedlings from becoming leggy.

These seeds germinate best in soils around 75°F. Germination will take 4-14 days.

Transplanting Into the Garden
Transplant cabbage seedlings at 4-6 weeks. Cabbage seedlings should be set out at 12"-18" within rows spaced 34" apart.

An even moisture supply is needed for transplants to become established and to produce good yields. Do not over-watering transplants after setting them out.

Heads should be harvested when firm and before they split or burst. If harvesting for fresh market, leave 4-6 wrapper leaves attached to the head for display. The wrapper leaves are usually removed when harvesting for kraut.

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Better info than I had...

Good stuff, Opa...

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