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YAWPITT: Pathetic Pepper Plant Plagued by Pests



It's been like this since I put it in the ground. A month ago I put a toilet-paper-roll "collar" around the base, but I'm still seeing new damage.

It's inside a CRW cage, so the peafowl (probably) can't peck in this far.

Any suggestions?

I'm going to go out with a flashlight in a few hours to check for nighttime pests.

My tomatoes are right next to this, and apparently untouched. So it's something that likes peppers but not tomatoes.
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Re: YAWPITT: Pathetic Pepper Plant Plagued by Pests

I want to say slugs/snails ESP. because of the way holes start near ribs in middle of the leaves. Caterpillars make tiny holes where they hatch but then tend to move to leaf margins to munch.

You could try leaving a grapefruit half or orange wedge after eating them (with some pulp and inner sac left inside the rind) under the plant as bait station to inspect in the morning.
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Re: YAWPITT: Pathetic Pepper Plant Plagued by Pests

Yeah, I was going to say slug damage, also. Some people say slugs don't like peppers, but they love mine. I have even opened up a pepper fruit and found a slug nestled inside!
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