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Your take on these sugar peas--they look sad

I have some great looking sugar peas over on the west side of my garden:


But on the east side they are stunted, short, small leaves, and started to yellow a bit at the base about two weeks ago:


I do know that the soil on that side is not as good as the soil on the west end. The soil here is a bit more clay-like--sort of halfway between loam and clay. Another issue I've had on this side is a few wire worms. I set out potato traps, and don't usually catch a great deal of them--as few as one, as many as 8 or 10. It varies. I've gone out and checked the traps and found nothing before. I check them once a day.

Do you guys think it's just the crappy soil? Should I feed them? I read that feeding them in the growing stage will just make pretty foliage, resulting in fewer fruits.

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Re: Your take on these sugar peas--they look sad

My guess would be that it has more to do with sun exposure than anything else. You can fertilize them while they're growing, but give them a "bloom" food with a higher P-K ratio.
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