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Harlequin bug -- when do they typically appear?

I saw a harlequin bug today. I couldn't believe it. It seemed too early. :eek:

When do they typically apear? I thought they came when it got hot. Today was only in the 60's.

Hm...well it IS supposed to GET hot tomorrow... Like 90
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Re: Harlequin bug -- when do they typically appear?

In some parts of the country, such as California, they can appear any time of the year. There are several stages to their life cycle. Check this website out. ... in_bug.htm

I guess they are a problem in brassicas (Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.) which are generally a cool weather crop. SO, I would say you can expect them to be a problem from early summer until those crops are harvested.

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