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using horse manure as fertilizer

Hi everyone, I have a question on using horse manure as fertilizer. I have access to aged horse manure that is about three years old and I wanted to spread it on the garden and tiller it in but at this point I do not know if that is going to happen so I was wondering if I can get just a couple of loads (because it's looking like that's all I'm going to have time to get) and mix it with some top soil and spread it around my veggie plants as a top dressing? I am open for advice on the best way to do it. Thanks all.

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My take is, if it's well aged, it's good to go and after 3 years, it is well aged . I have gotten some like that over the years whenever I can and I'll till it in before planting and use some to put in my raised bed section and turn it under. I see no reason why you couldn't use it as a side dressing if it truly is that composted.

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Your garden will love you,

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it's ok if it's cheap or for free ....

I'm a landscaper in the UK, and many homeowners just pile the manure onto their beds constantly up to 8 inches high in some instances ....

a horse's digestive system does not digest all the weed seeds, so you can expect zillions of weeds if the manure has not been composted at the correct temperature

and, a few years back, horse manure was banned from allotments as antibiotics were administerd to horses to combat some or other disease .... this antibiotic was still in their shite which affected plants (I don't know all the details, but that is as I understand it)

I add it to my compost bins and mix it with kitchen scraps and compost it further ....

the average NPK ratio for horse manure is only 0.7; 0,3; 0.6, so it's not all that good if you compare to other manures such as rabbit .... as a soil conditioner, I suppose a bit is ok ...

so, everything in moderation is ok IMHO, but if you want the best, get vermicompost (worm poo)

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WOW....get all the ages manure you can get. Cover the whole garden with 8" of manure then till it in. When I lived in Illinois my neighbor use to do that. He had the best garden I have ever seen.

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