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Starting to see some yellowing of leaves on some plants

Hi all, this is my first year with a veggie garden. I built a raised bed and used organic veggie garden soil from bags for the bulk of the soil, and mixed in some locally sourced compost for good measure along with some red worms. The garden has been going for about 5 weeks now, and I planted a variety of things from tomatoes and peppers, to carrots radishes, green beans and cucumbers, and a bunch of sweet onions scattered in the open spaces.

In the last week or so I've noticed that some of the plants aren't growing quite as vigorously as they originally started off doing, and have even started to yellow and droop a little. The only plants that are doing well seem to be the tomatoes and ONE of the four radishes I planted.

From researching, it sounds like I could be over watering? The bed has pretty good drainage, so I don't think it's getting water logged, but the soil is definitely staying moist throughout. If I back off on the water schedule to test it out, will I hurt the tomatoes that seem to be thriving?

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Re: Starting to see some yellowing of leaves on some plants

It's hard to know. I could be a nutrient issue if your bagged "garden soil" wasn't rich enough, or it could be overwatering. Do back off on the water and let the top layer of soil dry out a bit in between. Your tomatoes will benefit from that too. But you might also try adding some organic fertilizer or other soil enrichments (blood meal, fish emulsion, etc).

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Re: Starting to see some yellowing of leaves on some plants

A foliar feeding of fish emulsion will help green things back up if it is a nutrient problem. I usually let my beds get fairly dry before watering, at least a finger deep, to encourage deeper rooting. Your beans especially will benefit from a bit drier soil. The main issue I see is, only 4 radishes :shock: Also, remember that your different plants will all have different nutrient requirements. For example, tomatoes will need much more fertilizer than your beans or carrots.

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Re: Starting to see some yellowing of leaves on some plants

How did you build your raised bed? How deep is it and what's under it?

Where are you located, and what kind of temperatures (daily high and low) have you been experiencing?

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