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Sun light?

My garden does not get full sun light until 10:30 am. Once it does get sun light it has it for the rest of the day, In the morning it is blocked by a very large Maple tree. Will this have a serious impact on my garden?
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Re: Sun light?

Not so serious that there is anything you can't grow there. My backyard is shadier than that and I still grow some tomatoes there. They aren't as productive as the ones in full sun, but they still give enough tomatoes to make it seem worth having them.
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Re: Sun light?

As noted, full sun would be better, however things will grow there. Enjoy.
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Re: Sun light?

Sounds like plenty of sun to me, too. You should be fine.

In late June, my garden gets sun from about 7:00 am until 4:00 pm, and it's less than that during the shorter days of spring and late summer. But that's plenty for my tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, herbs, etc. since I get a lot of production out of pretty much everything.

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Re: Sun light?

Your fine. I have a similar problem, just about the same times for sun ad you. I haven't ran into serious problems since the 3 years I have be gardening...

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