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44 degrees. Brrrrrr

My garden this morning is saying "Hey, what's up with this?" 44 degrees on 5/5. Chilly. Thank goodness the sun is coming up strong, so the warm up should be steady.



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They have a little shock there but I'm sure they will come out of it.
Your last frost date for Alabama is mid March and earliest planting dates for corn as well as tomatoes is May 10th. You may want to think about having plastic row covers at hand for just chilled nights you have encountered...I can understand the fluxing of temps...being in the 80's a couple of days and then jumping back down in the low 40's for my area.

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Last year on this date it was in the high 90's pushing 100 and I remember it well as it was our daughters wedding day. Today it's in the 40's and the heat is kicking on. The rain just keeps coming and the ground is saturated and water lying in the gardens. I have attempted to dig trenches to drain it but am in a losing battle. So much mud it will suck your boots off. Can only imagine what the mosquito population will be this time around.

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45 here this morning. Its to be expected at this altitude though. Have a great day!

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