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Zone 5 and the garden is planted

I just planted this past Wednesday the 1st. I mean I had things that could handle cooler weather out for a while (onions, cauliflower, potatoes, etc), but just put out my tomato and pepper seedlings along with corn, bean and cuke seeds. I didn't have any zuchinni at the time, but have it now and will plant when the ground dries. Still waiting a few weeks on sweet potatoes.

I wanted to get everything out because we have a could of cool nights of around 48 degrees, but looking out it seems to be nice weather coming after these 3 days of rain showers. Oh the new plants for this year are celery, sweet potatoes, couple of different tomatoes. Everything else is the normal.

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John you are a head of me, I've finished putting up a new fence and tried to plant lettus yesterday, now everything is soaked again....dosen't look like drier weather till Tuseday..but not to bable on here just wanted you to know that sweet potatoes like hot dry weather one can use black plastic around the ground where they are planted and when they are ready for harvest look for the leaves to turn black. I was surprised at the sweet potatoes that we had this last year, they were quite good. Best of growing to you and nice to see another gardener close by.

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I too am getting started with the warmer weather things. I just planted some corn and summer squash. I will hold off a bit yet for beans, melons, and cucumbers. I could plant pumpkins and vining squash now I guess. Planting will be ongoing for the next month.

Have a great garden!

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I've got my cool weather stuff planted and have even had to plant taters twice now. The rest wont get planted until the soil warms up and stays there. Judging by the forecast that may happen this week

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