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good weeds

I let my radishes go to seed last year so now I have baby radish plants all over the garden. My potatoes are just coming up and the radishes are crawling with flea beetles, but the potatoes, who got hammered by fleabeetle last year, are clean.

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Yes, I have noticed the radishes get hit hard by flea beetles. It seems there
are quite a number of lil critters that are branded "Flea Beetle".

Interesting article on Wiki:

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But if you don't care too much about the radishes that makes them a good trap crop. I'm thinking about planting some just for that (I don't eat radishes). I've read they help repel squash vine borers.

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I just noticed flea beetles on my egg plant yesterday. Radishes appear to be clean. Will look more closely today. Will squish a bunch of beetles where ever they are found. My plantings are spread around and are also inter planted with other things. Some plants seem to miss the beetle's attention.

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