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Are potatoes always slow to come up or is it just me?

Soooo this year I decided to expand my potato planting. Last year I just did I think 3 or 4. This year I did more and a few different types. I always think that they're never going to come and then low and behind, they appear. Right now I am in the "I think they're never going to come up" stage. Maybe I'm doing it wrong? :?: I cut the potatoes so there's a couple eyes, wait overnight so they "scab" I dig a trench and plant them scab down and cover with about 3-4" of loose soil. As the plants come up, I hill once or twice. But I haven't gotten that far yet because they haven't appeared yet. I planted these April 17th. So it's been a little over 2 weeks. I don't remember how long it took last year - but I do remember I planted them in "harder" soil than this year and I had pretty much given up on them and was surprised when they actually did come up.

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This year I planted
1) Dried up little potatoes with sprouts

2) big plump potatoes with 6" long sprouts.

3) egg sized plump potatoes with no sprouts

Probably some dried up potatoes with no sprouts

Even though the ones with long sprouts had the tips actually at the surface they all came up within days of each other (breaking ground now). And the wait was about three weeks.

The seed potateos were all left over from last year and didn't make it into storage, they sat out in my mud room at room temp. some in full light, some in buckets. I only lost one cultivar to drying and it was one of my own crosses. Three sibling crosses made it

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