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Veggie Pests! What should I do?

I started a vegetable garden indoors (tomatos, bell peppers, watermelons, zucchinnis, and jalapenos) and will be moving it to my outdoor deck in about a month (I don't have a front yard, just a really HOT, directly-in-the-sun deck). My concern is that there is a family of raccoons that live nearby as well as some extremely voracious city squirrels. As a test, I put one of my pepper plants outside on a sunny afternoon and within a few hours the planter was completely dug up and the seedlings were gone :(
I have two options (that I can think of):

1) I was looking at purchasing one of those pop up garden greenhouses ( ... m_sbs_lp_3)

2) I can construct some sort of fenced in shelter

I'm worried that having my veggies inside a greenhouse might cause them to overheat and be scorched because our summers get very hot and humid (southern ontario) and deck temperatures can reach +40 mid-summer. Also, I'm not sure if the greenhouse will keep out a clever raccoon.

I'm in the city centre so even if I can trap and relocate the raccoon family, they will quickly be replaced with another one :S

Any ideas are appreciated!!

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It sounds to me like caging your growing area/garden is your only option.
We're discussing some fencing options in this thread that might give you some ideas
:arrow: ... 8&p=295665

Oh, here's the other thread I was thinking of:
:arrow: ... 15&t=47287

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Interesting... Maybe I will try to construct something with deer netting and stakes and somehow have part of it that can open as an entrance so I can get to the vegetables. Not as pleasing to the eye but after reading everyone's horror stories about losing their entire crops, I don't think I have a choice!!

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If I had to garden in an animal proof enclosure, would build one similar to my chicken run. It is 6.5 feet tall with a area of 10 feet by 24 feet and is covered on all sides, including a 2 foot skirt of wire flat on the ground along the outside. Using six foot wire, thereby avoiding the middle boards, cost should be around $325 or less, especially if able to integrate some re-used materials.


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