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Plans For Good Friday

What are your Good Friday plans?

Growing up on a farm I learned that this was the day to plant a garden. Seems every year that I have grown a garden, however, that it has been COLD around this time. I have really never adherred to it, but today I plan to get the garden ready, and might put in some corn, beans, and squash. Maybe a tomato or two from the greenhouse, but I have not acclimated them to the sun yet.
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I'm watering my garden today... the easy way... it's raining. I put in 5 rows of beans, 8 tomato plants and 1 Tabasco pepper plant yesterday.

English peas were planted the middle of February.

Potatoes were planted the 1st of March and beets, Swiss chard, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and radishes soon after.

Asparagus has started poking through the ground.

Squash, corn, okra and sweet potatoes will have to wait for warmer weather.
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My garden is pretty much all in with a couple exceptions. I'll once again try some zucchini and yellow crook neck squash and once again try to keep the dreaded SVB's at bay for as long as possible.

Everything that is already in from transplants is doing great with tons of blossoms already on my tomato and pepper plants.

I have noticed an outbreak of nut grass making its way into the rows so I'll break out the hoe and remove all I can.

Other than that, it's pretty much sit back and watch it grow for now.

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I found this link on the tradition of planting on Good Friday. It is a couple of years old so when he says that Easter is "late" it does not apply to this year because Easter is "early" this year. The only thing I am putting out today are a few bush bean seeds - I share with the birds and a few cucumber seeds - late frost burnt them. I am also moving my tomato seedlings out to the patio - hopefully for the last time. ... -tradition

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8:05 AM the sun has just came up over the mountain. It is 39° F. Still a little cool for anything to grow much. I guess I will continue with the pruning of the orchard today.
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Well I still don't have any thing to plant and lots to learn so I am going to spend the day reading about plants learning how big they grow where to put them and then I will spend some time weeding my flower bed and pruning some roses bushes that grew a little crazy with our last big rainfall.

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I plan to get out there and plant some peppers, zucchini and pull a bunch of weeds that have come up from the rain. I might even have to weed whack the grass if I get around to it. ( I always do the chore I don't like to do last).
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Re: Plans For Good Friday

Well, on Friday, I just tilled and turned the soil, getting it ready for planting. Then, on Saturday, I planted corn, rattlesnake beans, squash and okra. The temps at night are hanging around low of 60 now, so growing should be good. I do see a low of 44 predicted for next Friday, however.

I have my mater plants out getting use to the sun. May put a few of them in pots today.
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Re: Plans For Good Friday

I cant believe I am saying this but you guys are lucky. Da** my mild southern california climate!!!!!!!! But my lows are still around 50 with some nights getting down into the mid 40's. My maters could be out unprotected I guess but I have them in a little bubblewrap tent that is keeping it warmer.

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Re: Plans For Good Friday

My dad, who grew up on an orchard, never put his garden in before Memorial Day. Most of our back yard was garden and raspberries. We live on 1.16 acres and our garden was huge! Growing up and helping can and freeze most of what we grew, I never wanted to see another tomato plant after canning 100 quart jars of tomatoes or tons of frozen corn, beans, etc. I wish growing up that I paid more attention to what he did in the garden and how he did it. He would have been 94 this year and would love to ask him all his secrets.

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