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Waiting to get into the garden

The long wait to get out there and get dirty is just around the corner, like probably 2 months from now. The last snow storm we got dropped 10" on us. Last year at this time we had no snow and now we have at least a month before we will ever see grass.

It is so boring waiting that it is driving everyone in my family crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Even in the deep south the cold (relative) can keep me out of the garden. Mainly because anything I plant is subject to the cold. Instead I have been re-potting, up potting and dividing my patio plants. I moved all of these plants off of the patio. They are under my live oak so I can work with them. Finally got everything potted. Don't want to put them back on th patio before pressure washing. So even though the temps got into the mid 30's last night I pressure washed half of the patio this morning. The section that my plants live on. Started moving the plants back to their place but ran out of gas. SOOO tonight will be even colder - close to freezing but by mid morning the sun will be on my patio and I will move some more plants.

I have such a sweet man. I am hurting from todays work. He just went to the drug store and came home with a cream to rub into my sore joints.

Got to go. My joints need rubbing.

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