What money saving gardening tips do you use?

I make my own compost using food scraps.
I get seeds from the plants I grow.
I make my own pole bean/tomato supports.
I use all of the of the above methods.
I do not use any of the of the above methods.
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I reuse labels from my orchids. They are stronger labels too. Paint stirring sticks from the paint store are really good for labels.

I use the spent orchid mix and soil that is not good for the garden any more as fill in low spots in the yard. The old orchid bark I use for mulch. I still bleach them first to kill as much of the bacteria and fungus I can on them.

I buy in bulk fertilizer, peat moss, perlite from an agricultural wholesaler.
By mixing my own potting mix, I get the mix I need for my plants whether I am growing cactus or watercress and it ends up cheaper than buying ready made potting mix.

I have turned old bathtubs into water gardens, broken wheelbarrows into planters. Wine boxes and coolers into planters.
Grape containers from costco into mini greenhouses

Buckets from restaurants and bakeries for planters. Sometimes they sell the buckets but the gallon cans are free for the asking. 50-55 gallon drums usually at a reasonable cost make good rain barrels or half barrel planters.

To save on watering, I group plants that need more water around the sprinklers but hand water other plants on scheduled days.

Free mulch is available from the local recycler and some other places if you pick it up. The electric company will dump a truckload of tree trimmings if you ask for it and they are in the area.
Happy gardening in Hawaii. Gardens are where people grow.

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Lots of good ideas. I use many of them and will incorporate others in my gardening.

I save $ by repurposing a lot ... saved the old metal security/storm door frames when we replaced ours with new ones and will use those either as trellises or to make into a vertical garden ... also old storm windows for a cold frame of sorts. Reused the old ceramic tiles removed from the bathroom as a border for a rose bed.

When reroofing, old roof shingles laid down for a path either alone or with shredded bark on top. Really smothers out the grass and weeds.

I made the border of one bed with empty 3L wine bottles turned upside down with the necks pushed into the ground.

I use old chairs, ladders, whatever to make trellises for various vining plants including clematis and honeysuckle.

I buy the vinyl lined canvas type tote bags for $1 at the Dollar Store (the larger ones cost a little more), poke holes in the bottom, fill with soil, and they can be used as planters outdoors, either hung up or sitting on the ground. The handles make it easy to move the plants around if need be.

I save all the plastic food containers and such that we get for rooting and other purposes.

I have a rainbarrel and also try to capture and redirect runoff.

I make plant markers out of strips cut from empty soda cans. The shiny side can be permanently "engraved" with the plant name by pressing hard with a ball point pen.

I "Lasagna" garden and also have a composter to make my own compost.

I swap/trade plants and seeds whenever I can.

I use kiddie wading pools (bought for $10 or less when they go on sale at the end of summer) for making raised beds.


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