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Re: How much do you pay for poop and dirt?

TheWaterbug wrote:
OnKloudNyne wrote:I don't use manure.
Actually you do. Fish manure!
Hadn't thought of that since I don't have to compost it!

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Waterbug, We have horse, goat, chicken and duck.

Don't know how tight your conditions are but a truckload of horse covered with tarp won't smell too far from where you put it and it will break down quicker. At our lower ranch we just pile it up, at the mountain spread the girls bag it it acts the same as being covered with tarp. We bag it up here because it stays damp longer, bagging it stops the flies.

If you want to take the time go to a stable, lay a tarp in your suv, bag the horse feathers and put the bags on the tarp and stack them in you back area. After sitting a shot while it can be mixed with earth and you'll have some nice soil. people always want to get rid of leaves.

Think about getting a small trailer, then you can haul a lot with making your suv dirty. Well, you have enough for this year. Have a good one.

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