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Quickrete play sand in the garden?


Is it safe to use this sand in your garden to use as a soil amendment? I also want to use it for storing root crops. Is it safe stuff to use? Anyone use it?

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Any kind of river sand I use in the garden. I think some sands say not for garden use on them! I use sand in my seed starting mixes!

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If you have any clay in your soil you want to make sure it is a coarse sand (larger particles) or else you are just basically making more clay.

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DITTO SOB - very fine sand will be a detrement rather than an enhancement to your soil. When I encountered clay soil while landscaping I used a combination of compost and mason sand. River sand, washed river sand and play sand were all to fine. Do a test and rub different types of sand between your fingers. You will feel the difference. Coarse is better.

Even in non-clay soil fine sand will turn to clay. Not good.

Good luck

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