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Jack-Be-Little Pumpkin


Who has grown these before? Were they for decoration or for eating or both? I figure a pumpkin this size I can grow with the small space I got. But do not like to grow things just for decorations. But I came across some recipes (mostly dessert) that used these pumpkins. What is your experience with them?

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FYI small pumpkins take up the same amount of space as big pumpkins. Unless you are going to grow them on a trellis which you could do with larger pumpkins. They are mainly for decoration if you want an eating pumpkin their is better varieties.

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Haven't tried them, but description of Gold Nugget in Seeds of Change catalog made me think of this thread. It's a "compact bush variety" -- usually means it only grows short vines -- 1-2 lb fruit C.. maxima and can be eaten young as Sumer squash as well as left to mature for Winter squash. Described as "productive" usually means multiple fruits per vine rather than just 2-4 at most.

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Applestar, that sounds like something that would be the right size for the size garden I have and small enough for a couple of meals for 2 people. I'll check them out. Thanks.

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