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Are slightly soft potatoes safe to eat?

I sure hope so,cuz I have an overflowing grocery bag full! I had to harvest all the potatoes I could find about a month ago cuz the garden was getting tilled up. They are in a paper grocery bag in the semi basement (in a raised ranch). I picked up a couple to make for dinner and noticed that if I give it a good squeeze, it's slightly soft. I have to actually squeeze it to feel that.

Are they still safe to eat like that?

How long will they last?

How will I know when they are no longer safe?

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SLC, unless the potatoes are actually rotting, I think all that is going on is that they are becoming dehydrated and maybe nearing a time when they will sprout.

Not just green potatoes but sprouting potatoes will contain solanine. Solanine is toxic but has a bitter taste. It can give you a stomach ache, I guess but, you probably won't want to eat enough for that.

Here is something about the problem from [url=]Purdue University (click).[/url]

It is hard to say how long your potatoes will keep. It sounds as tho' they aren't in the best place. Here is something again from [url=]Purdue on potatoes, including storage advice (click)[/url] They recommend a fairly moist environment and below 45°F.


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Yes, they are safe to eat.

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