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Broccoli plants are now making heads

The Broccoli I planted in early September are now starting to make a few small heads. I figure in a couple weeks I'll be steaming some garden fresh broccoli. My pole beans are looking real good too and I picked about 25 purple hulled ones yesterday and the Japanese Yard Longs are not too far behind.

Collards have been picked twice now and it was great to have some freshly cooked greens. I gave what I picked yesterday to one of the guys that works where my wife does. He's an older gent--------well, older than me anyway----and lives alone and loves greens.

I finally got some of the leafy greens I put in as seed to start showing. However, it looks like I'll have to try once more with a couple things that are playing hard to get. The speckled romaine style lettuce failed once again to come up as did the Mesculin mix. Can't understand it since it is seed for this season. Guess I'll try a fresh packet in a couple more days and see what happens. It's still warm and in the mid to high 80's almost daily, but a cool front is expected by the weekend. Hopefully the weather will stay in the upper 60's to mid 70's for a while.

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Wonderful. I have broccoli and spinach that are just a couple inches tall. They will hopefully winter over and be eaten in March or so, just about when I am planting the next batch. My lettuce didn't sprout well either.

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We planted seeds back in mid July in a greenhouse. We have been eating 10-15 inch broccoli heads for a few weeks, warm weather that went late made them finish up earlier. We succession planted somewhere around 200. It was a good fall for broccoli here.

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