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Is this a good way to dry out - and for how long?

I just picked a few potatoes and onions (most of the tops had fallen off) and want to prepare them for storage.

I laid them on a newspaper on my back deck tabe. It's about 7 p.m. now and will be in the 50s overnight (is it okay to lay them out now?) and sunny in the mid to upper 70s all week. (Not sure if the times/temps make a difference)

1. Is this a good way to do it?

2. How long should they be like this for before I bring them inside?


I might end up using them tomorrow/this week anyway...but need to know for the future.

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This is a good way basically just to dry off the surface of the veggies and crust the dirt. I would leave em out for a few hours and them put em in a dark, dry, cool place in a burlap (or very breatheable) bag

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The potatoes do not need to be dried, just store them wherever it is you store them. The onions, yes, they can dry for several days until the tops are completely brown and the roots brittle. Then you can cut the tops off and brush the roots off, and store them in a cool dry spot with good ventilation. There is a reason mesh bags are used for onions. They need to be dry.

Dry onions can just be kept on the counter top for a month or more if you only have a few.

I bag dry onions in a mesh bag and hang them in the basement where it is cool. They will keep quite a while like this.

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Keep in mind you never know what critter might decide you've left them a nice banquet. Definitely would not leave out sweet potatoes, and you don't want to leave regular potatoes out in the light.

I've found this does work well for drying onions and garlic -- I've left them on patio chairs under the table as well as on the shelves of one of those pvc-covered shelving unit green"house" where they are protected from dew and unexpected/mild sprinkles.

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