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WHY is a nasturtium one of the best companion plants?

Have you eaten a nasturtium leaf or a flower. If you haven't you would be suprised how good they are in a salad! More surprising is how good they are for the health of other plants even squash! Next year I will have a 100 or more growing in my garden. They are very pretty and you can get them that form vines. for hanging baskets they look great growing over the sides. I don't know why I have not grown more of them in the past! They have so many flower combinations and the seeds are easy to save and look like a cherry seed!
My future gardens will have mulch and lots of nasturtiums and marigolds everywhere how about you? I grew about 20 nasturtiums this past year but had only a few in the garden the rest in containers!. Does anyone know where I can buy them in bulk?

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Bulk seed


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