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What to do with dried corn?

I had ~20 ears of corn left over that got too starchy before I was able to eat them or give them away. So I left them on the stalks for another week, and then it was time to till it all in, so I just yanked them off and threw them on the patio.

Then I thought I should do something more dignified, so I pulled the husks all the way back and tied them into bunches to hang and dry:


Hmmm. What can I do with them now? I suppose they'll be useful as holiday decorations come fall. Are they edible once dried? Can I fry them into corn nuts?

I don't think I want to save them for seed, because they're hybrid (Bi-Licious), although they certainly will grow if given the chance. I tilled in a few cobs, and I've got little 2" high corn plants all over the old patch right now.
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decorations would be the most straightforward use.

once dry, not especially edible - except grind into corn meal. 20 ears,,, mebbe two cups.

you could invest in some lye and make hominy....

not likely to "pop" either, but you could try.

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Good chicken feed.
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