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Strange things

I have had my garden for 4 years. I am no pro and plant what I can grow. This year however has left me stumpt. I have tomato plants growing tomatoes that look like siemies twins but one is smaller. I have had onions grow at the top of the stalk with out a flower.
Corn that was growing nice to then have the growing ears start growing a plant out of where the ear was growing. The list goes on.
Any ideas what is wrong.
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Thank you for ant info.

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Hmmm...put together like that, it does sound pretty weird, but the tomato can be explained as megablooms -- flowers that did not separate into individuals in the truss. Sometimes, not only two but three and even four blooms stuck together and all pollinated, and all of them can grow to full size. Some varieties throw more megablooms than others.

The onion sounds like Egyptian Walking/Topset onion. If you didn't intentionally plant them, maybe it was mixed into the other, regular onion sets you planted by mistake?

I haven't seen that particular corn mutation(?) but I have heard that corn can be prone to all kinds of weirdness due to intensive hybridization, and odd throwbacks appear.

So, any other strange phenomenon going on in your garden? welcome to the forum! :D

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When the deer eat the tops off the ears of my parents field (hog) corn they will sometimes try and start growing out of the top of the ear. Did something get to that ear and eat the top off while it was developing?

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