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That is so weird. You could start two more pots in the same conditions and blanch one and not blanch one and see how it works out.

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My celery did have a strong celery flavor. The stalks on it were as tall as regular celery but narrow.

Incidentally I did a lot of cooking with the celery leaves, chopping them up into things.

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I was thinking my plant was small cause of the pot size and thought it would do better in the ground. But I read celery has very shallow roots, which is why people struggle to grow it.

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Excessive heat, inadequate moisture, or lack of fertility will result in tough, strong tasting and stringy celery.

At planting time apply 10-10-10 complete fertilizer. Continue to fertilize regularly, every three weeks or so, with 1 tablespoon per plant. Sprinkle around the base of the plant, but not up against the stem, and water in.


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