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zucchini question

A couple of my zucchini plants that, while they have some healthy zucchinis, are also showing some very small zucchinis that are shriveling up, turning yellow and dying before they can get large enough to pick. It has been very hot and dry here in NW Indiana all summer, but I have faithfully watered about a 1/2 hour a day. Could the heat be the problem? My friend said it was some kind of beetle disease, could this be it?
Your help is most appreciated.

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I don't think those ones got pollenated. A few of mine were like that.

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Wow! A half hour a day of watering, every day? Unless you mean it is on a slow drip, that is a lot of water. I know it has been very hot and dry, where I am too, but you still could be in danger of over watering.

But it sounds like some of them might not be getting pollinated. The female flowers come with a little baby squash already present behind them. If they don't get pollinated (with pollen transferred from a male flower, most often by bees), the baby squash may still grow for a little bit, then shrivels up and drops off.

If you don't have enough bees on the job, you can hand pollinate to increase the success rate.

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