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High Humidity and Drying Onions

I harvested all my onions last Sunday and now have them sitting under my front porch roof drying out. With the pop-up storms we're getting I can't keep them out in the direct sun. We have had very humid conditions and I'm worried that my onions are not drying fast enough and may rot. Is this something I should be worried about? My mom said she had a couple onions rot already and I'm worried because I have about 200 onions!

Should I move them to the basement where it is dry but cool? I know they want warm and dry but I can't give that to them right now.


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It is normally very humid here. I put mine in the garage for a week or 2 with a fan on them. Than the basement.

It was so hot this year my onions were fine but my garlic was starting cook in the garage so I pulled them in the basement sooner.

Good luck

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