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NPK value of my organic fertilizer

You comments and suggestion is highly appreciated on my fertilizer ingredients
1) Mustered/Cotton seed Oil Cake (powder form)
Mustered seed Oil Cake
Cotton seed Oil Cake
2) Dry Alpha Alpha (powder form)
3) Wood & paper ash
4) Wood powder
5) Egg shell powder
6) Some rusty iron nails
Can any one tell me how can I know the NPK ratio of my organic fertilizer?

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Unless you have it analyzed, you can't, sorry. Seems like an awful lot of trouble, though, when packaged ferts are clearly labelled and inexpensive.

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Iskhan, I've moved your post to the Vegetable Gardening forum. It may get wider viewership among "Do It Yourself" (DIY) people. I know that somewhere I read NPK values of basic ingredients the past couple of years, but can't remember right this minute. I'll search around for you.

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