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Peppers Flowering, leave or pinch

I've read loads of articles that range form leave them to pinch them, to let them flower first, etc. I have Cherry Pepper plants that are about 8" in height right now and just starting to produce peppers (about the size of marbles right now). Some of the plants are starting to flower and I wanted some input. Should I let them flower or pinch them?

I was hoping they would grow taller and produce more peppers but I've never grown a cherry pepper before so I am not sure of their habits, growth potential, or yield. So who has insight? I pinch my basil and my lettuce to promote growth but peppers are new to me.

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I pinch my first 1-2 sets of blooms. I like my plants to put their energy into the plant and not the fruit. You will net more fruit, or at least it seems like I do

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