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First time gardener and I need help!!

I started these broccoli plants from seed (a little late I am assuming). Anyway they are not doing very well now, do not know if this is from the heat , thought it was anthracnose or something. Help!! [img][url=https://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/33/dscf13271.jpg/][img]https://img33.imageshack.us/img33/8786/dscf13271.jpg[/img][/url]

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I'm on my phone and can't see the pics very well. However, the most likely reason that your broccoli isn't doing well right now is that it's a cool-weather plant. You might want to start some more, timing it so it will be ready to set out in September. Even setting it out in October might work. I don't know your climate, though, so October might be too late.
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It is a really bad time to be growing broccoli, but yours is being eaten alive by slugs. You will never see them in the daytime, but come out at night with a flashlight and I bet you will find a bunch.

Type slugs or slug control into the Search the Forum Keyword box and you will find a lot written here about them. What has worked best for me is diatomaceous earth and putting broken eggshells around the base of the plant.

But given that there is hardly anything left of those and it is the wrong season anyway, I'd just pull them and plant something else there -- and put the DE down (slugs love broccoli, but they aren't too picky about what they eat).

As Kisal noted, you can replant later. For a fall crop, you could put broccoli seed down in Aug. By the time the broccoli would be getting ready to make heads, the weather will be cooler. Last year I planted broccoli seed in mid-October. It sprouted but didn't get very big by the time frosts came. But given that we had a mild winter, it over-wintered (I did not even cover it) and started growing again in late winter and gave me a great early spring harvest.
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If you would, take a real close look at the leaves. I believe I see tunnels. Leaf Miner is most likely your culprit.


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