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That's slick. I will be calling around. 8)

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Jeremy brua wrote:I just tried the milk cure. I used butter milk with live culture. I hope it works! I cut all the realy bad leafs off of the zuchini and treated the others. I hope removing the leafs dosnt harm the plant.
You did right. Removing the leaves doesn't harm the plant as long as there are enough leaves remaining for it to get energy from. You don't want to defoliate it. But letting them stay, would have kept spreading the infection.

Let us know how it goes for you...
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Ohio Tiller wrote:I gave mine their first spraying last night and will hit them again Friday. Mine looked real bad so I am hoping this works
It has worked real good on mine the old leafs look terrible but the new ones are fine and the Zucchini have just taken off I now have at least 5 on each plant.

Thanks rainbowgardener

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I found the formula I was looking for :

1 cup whole milk
1 quart water
1 tsp. dish soap (not anti-bacterial)

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