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help save my GHOST peppers!

Hello all,

I started growing my ghost peppers about 6 months ago, and all was well until last week. It started to get warm here in Minnesota, so I brought them out on some hot days. The leaves started turning a clear transluscent color, and the bottom leaves began to fall off. I am also concerned that my roommate has been over watering the plants. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


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You should add some more soil to that pot. The roots are exposed. The symptoms you describe are classic symptoms of not properly hardening off your plants before exposing them to full sun. Take them back in, and only put them out for a couple of hours in the morning for a week. There was a thread where this was discussed just a couple of days ago. Look for it.
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Did you really mean six months? If those are the peppers you started growing six months ago, all was NOT well before you took them out. In six months you should have a big pepper bush, at least a couple feet high and wide, leafy and bushy and with lots of peppers on it.

In this picture:


the two in the black pots are pepper seedlings. They are kind of squashed against the wall and starting to get a bit leggy from being indoors for a long time, but it gives you sort of an idea.

At the time of the picture, it was two months from when the seeds were planted. The plants are about 8" tall, leafy and dark green.

If yours have been growing for six months and that is all the progress they have made, something is not working right and personally I would give up on them. They are never going to produce peppers in time for your season.
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