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Don't know what to do with all the extras

When I started my seeds I grew 2-3 of each tomato and pepper so that I had extras in case of a disaster. All my peppers/tomatoes are in the ground and in their pots and growing fine. Now I got all these extras and no space. I am thinking of crazy places to put some. I had a few dwarf types and put one in my flower bed in the front yard. It gets maybe 2 hours direct sun but it is growing pretty good. And just today some guy who works the horticulture at the local high school gave me a whole flat (36 plants) of "Mega Bite" tomatoes and a whole flat of Nufar Basil.

I gave away a pepper and one tomato to a friend but other than that I don;t know enough people to give away all this.

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I just bought extra pots for some of mine, and took over my roommates flower beds for the rest of them lol

I agree with MarlinGardener- are there any community gardens or associations you can donate the extra plants to?

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