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keeping green onions?

I assume you all keep your green onions in the refrigerator? I know the ones we put in there don't stay real nice for that long, and just wanted to check with what others did. I really need to thin mine out, but don't want to waste them.

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You could take the ones that aren't appealing anymore, and dry them for homemade onion powder. I usually just make sure they are really dry, and lay them right in the refrigerator, without anything. No bag, nothing. Mine don't last more than a week, but I know this, and just work with it.

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I'll get a lot of green onions all year long and what I don't use or give away is simply cut up and frozen for use when making soups, stews, etc. where they will be cooked down a good while. I'll not use them when needing some for a garnish since they are not crisp after freezing.

If my green onions get too thick in the garden, I'll pull some, cut off the root end and leave about 1 1/2 inches of the white portion and put them in a pot of soil on my back porch for easy access. They will grow new tops in a couple weeks that way. I've also done similar with store bought green onions in the past. Cut the white portion leaving a good bit, then place the root end in a cup with water halfway up the stem. In a week or so they will send out new roots and can be planted.

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