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Holes on the vegi leaves

In my backyard I have planted some veggies like tomatoes, bell paper, mint. From last week I noticed holes on the leaves and they keep spreading. I believe that it might me some bug eating the leaves. Can anyone advise what it is and how I can keep these bugs away and protect my plants.

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I was having a big problem with slugs last week. I would try and figure out whats causing the problem and the solution should be easy.

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If it is round holes in the middles of leaves, that is likely slugs. I'm having a lot of trouble with slugs this year too, with it being so wet.

You can find out by laying a board flat on the soil next to the plants that are being eaten. Leave it there a couple days, then come out in daytime and lift the board. Slug like to hide under them in the daytime, then come out at night.

If it is slugs, type slug control in the Search the Forum Keyword box to find lots written here about them.
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I found a small green caterpillar cutting holes in my plants the other day. The sparrows are not doing their jobs!

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