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Hardening off seedlings too early . . . Is it a bad?

I am new to gardening but have jumped in with both feet. So far I have moved all of my tomato plants to bigger individual pots after they have developed their true leaves. They are only about two and a half weeks old from the time I put the seeds in the jiffy pods .Anyway, I have begun moving them outside in the sun and started with only an hour or less the first couple of days and now they are up to half days in the full morning sun. It has been unusually hot for this time of the year getting into the lower 80's. I was wondering if this is a bad thing to be doing. Could it be hurtful to the plants? Will I hurt the chances of them being productive?

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Not unless you recieve frost. Just so long as you take them in at night for a week or so, the plants should be fine.

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