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Withered seedlings... Don't know why :(

The other day I decided I would transplant some of the chilli seedlings that grew from a kit with seeds and compost mix. to be honest, these where the seedlings that were doing the best among some others that I have, but they were getting big and wanted to have them in separate pots so that the plants would grow bigger.

They are used to the outside, they have true leaves, and I transplanted them during the evening when it was not hot. Why are they all withering!!!???ahgggggggg!!!!!

I thought it could be the soil, but some of them stayed in the compost mix pot and they are withering too... do they need to rest after being trasnplanted for a couple of days before put then in the sun again? I am confused and I don't know if I can stop that somehow.... It would bother me sooo much if after all all of them ended up dead...

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Probably just transplant shock. They could recover still. Did you harden them off properly prior? I would keep the soil moist, and if possible trying to rig something up to provide them some shade till they perk up.

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do they need to rest after being trasnplanted for a couple of days before put then in the sun again?
This is the answer, I think. At least for 24 hrs, it's best to keep transplants in shade or dappled shade when they are in containers. Also, I always soak the containers in trays or tubs of water as soon as they are transplanted to wick up as much moisture as they can.

For in-ground plants, water deeply at transplanting -- I prep/dig the hole, put the plant in, 1/2 fill the hole with soil, fill the hole with water, then backfill completely with soil while the water soaks in. Then I come back and water thoroughly. I prefer overcast days for planting out, but that doesn't always work out. Sometimes, if the sun is blazing, I rig a shade of some sort for the hottest mid day sun.

With regard to thoroughly watering, only exception I can think of are cacti and succulents.

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