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Mulching with local shredded brush/trees.

Our community has a free mulch pile that consists of brush and trees that they chip/shred.

Would there be any issue using this on the garden? Its would add tons of organic matter but I am a little concerned about soil PH and types of trees that might be bad.

Any Thoughts??
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we use the same for mulch, but let it sit and compost in a pile for a year. when its black and you can see the white fungi it makes excellent mulch.
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I asked the same thing earlier, and I'm REALLY glad I put it down in the garden to mulch all the paths. With the our heavy clay soil it's already been wonderful for not compacting down the aisle ways.

No matter what type of wood it is, it will rob nitrogen from your garden as it first starts to break down, so you may want to pair it with some nice compost or just keep it to your paths.
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