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castor beans

Well, it looks like I have grown castor beans by accident. Research tells me that they are very poisionous and dangerous to have around my pets. I am wondering where they came from. i checked and they did not have them in the garden last year. i am doing totally organic. i have purchased organic soild and organic mushroom compost. Could it be in that? Maybe they came in the heirloom seed i purchased? Any ideas? I am in South Carolina.

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Could be growing in someone else's yard and the seed found its way to your garden. I get them sprouting all the time in my backyard. The lot behind me and the house next door both have plants growing. The house next door actually got it from the lot behind us.

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I hear they are great for repelling moles. I have moles every year, and was wondering if anyone has any experience with these. I thought about putting one in the back corn of my property outside my pet fence. Does anyone know if 1 like that would repel moles from a 1/2 acre lot?
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I read up on them and they are highly posioneous. I'm a little hesitant about having them in a garden near other beans, my grandchildren and my dog. Seems one or two beans can kill a child. Thanks to everyone who helped me ID this thing.

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They didnt repel moles for me.

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Sometimes seeds get buried deep and stay dormant but get dug up to the surface when you till or dig up the ground to make a garden bed. Maybe somebody grew castor beans longtime years ago.

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I plant caster beans, the cats don't eat them, the dogs don't eat then, the grand kids don't eat them. I don't think the plants are poison, only the beans are poison.

Maybe you have Pokeweed I get it all the time the birds drop the seeds in the garden.
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It's possible that the beans/seeds were dropped by birds in flight, too. Large birds (jays or larger) can hold these things in their beaks quite easily. My cats were dive-bombed regularly by jays when I lived in Atlanta, so I've seen southern jays up close. They could definitely fly castor beans hither and yon.

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