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Brussel Sprouts first try

I planted in individual containers and although they were smaller than I have seen my Hubby said they were very good. Zone 10a. I harvested as needed and now they seem like they are almost done.

Question when do I know they are done for good or can I cut back and regrow for next season?

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Francis Barnswallow wrote:Would brussels sprouts grow well during the winters where I'm at? I'm interested in growing veggies I've never grown before.

If your winter temps are in the 40 and 50 they will do real well.

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Lettuce! I would really like to blame Alabama weather... But have had no success with either spring or fall plantings... Terrible

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I didn't really want to contribute to this thread because when something doesn't grow well, I keep trying until I figure out what to do. So not growing at all changes to growing and producing but not as well as I want them to, to finally a harvest I can show off. :()

Sometimes its because you need to sow directly in the ground, or because you need to start earlier... Or later. Sometimes soil pH is a major factor.

For me the more troublesome ones are spinach/beets but I think I needed to add more lime than I thought I needed -- lettuce and carrots grows fine so I thought I was adjusting enough, but I suspect they need more. They are growing better this year.

SVB'S give me more grief. Summer squash I can get by by planting as early as I can and grabbing as much harvest as I can before they arrive, but winter squash and pumpkins have been a disaster. So I'm hoping C. moschata varieties will do better this year.

Heat-loving long season crops. I'm taking a break this year, but I'm still working on growing luffa.

And yes, Brussels sprouts is another one of my "projects". Timing to start/plant as well as pests (cabbage loopers/moths, cabbageworms/butterflies, diamondback moths, as well as harlequin bugs). Trying Falstaff red/purple Brussels sprouts this year in hopes of alleviating some of the pest pressure.

Growing corn in a small garden. I'm getting good harvests but some spotty pollination is still an issue. But I don't think I'll overcome this unless I'm willing to dedicate a sizable space to corn and I always have so many different things I want to grow.... :roll: :wink:

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radishes and beets! but this year I will prevail!!!! I got some dirt hauled in last year and my son got some radishes to grow in his little garden that I made for him with that dirt. this year, I'm tossing all the "impossible to grow" crops in it! there are a few others, but those are the ones that really bug me that I can't grow!
Sheila, gardening on the zone 4b/5a line.

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