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name your specialty!

we all have a favorite or a special veggie to grow that we have planted over and over and learned alot about.. so name yours and how may years you have been planting that particular plant. limit 2 plants.

mine = tomatoes and peppers (although this year i had rough start)
i've been planting these for 3 years.

also, don't forget to play SEED GAME (3)! 8)
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Squash & Tomatoes
20+ years.

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I had monster tomato plants last year in my first-ever attempt at a real garden. My jalapenos went gangbusters last year (>30 peppers per plant, easily), and my habaneros did the same the year before (>50 per plant).

But before I say have a specialty in anything, I'd like to get through at least two good years of growing!

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My speacialty. Trying new things and than having them go horribly wrong. :lol:

But really garlic, it's hard to mess that up if done right (those and sweet potatoes). I would say tomatoes but sometimes they don't do so well. This year they will do well......OR ELSE!!!! :twisted:

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Tomatoes (20 + years)
Bananas (5 years solid, 15 years off'n'on, very steep learning curve)

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For me, it'd definitely be peppers. After 3 years of no luck- with one exception last year- with my pepper plants producing peppers, we're up and running for an early start this year! I've got 8 bell and sweet banana pepper plant seedlings that are going strong right now, and hopefully will get a few extra jalepeno's in there to boot before the year ends! They've been my biggest challenge, for sure.

I also love potatoes. trying new varieties this year- can't wait!

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Lettuce. I just plop the seeds on the ground (w/o planting them) and then poof!!!......a very productive plant that requires very little attention.

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Garlic and Ground Cherries for me.

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I've been thru about 40 seasons of gardening. Tomatoes were probably in those earliest gardens. Certainly, there have been 35 years of growing them. That doesn't mean that tomatoes are an easy crop for me. I struggle with them most every year.

I have something of a missionary zeal for Asian greens. Once again, it doesn't mean that everything always works out just fine. Still, there will be several sowings of the greens that will be nice. They represent a whole nother world and I enjoy them! I've grown bok choy and such for over 20 years.

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The easiest stuff for me to grow has been green onions and radishes. But my favorite things to grow are tomatoes and peppers. I don't have that many years under my belt though.

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I would say asparagus and potatoes are two of the vegetables I have the best luck with.
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Squash and potatoes but I sure wish it was lima beans!

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i haven't tried asparagus, brussels sprouts or artichokes as of yet although i do have a couple i started indoors of brussels sprouts and artichokes. waiting for my mom to sell her house in florida which is currently up for sale so we can buy a house together here in rhode island and then i will try asparagus.

lettuce hasn't been good to me.. i tried last year.. failed - but i will try again this year.
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Tomatoes and peas.......not that I'm a pro but that these are the two that we love to eat right from the garden.

Also love to grow, but I'm not allowed to say, cucs and green beans because I could only say two right? :)

For the last 25 years I've loved most to grow the things we like to nibble on right from the garden.

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specialty? Cucumbers I guess, but really only after I make them into pickles. :)

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I am good at growing tomatoes. I have been growing tomatoes for 40 years. My grandfather showed me how to grow them. I usually get several bushel baskets of tomatoes every summer. When they get rip in last week of June I get about 50 lbs of tomatoes every time I pick twice a week from 30 plants. I only planted 6 plants this year.

I am pretty good with bell peppers too but I don't like them much. ONE plant is enough for pizza and a few other things. Last time I grew bell peppers the 4 plants were 7 ft tall and the peppers were 5" diameter.

I do good with yellow squash too.

I do good with corn too but I'm not planting any this year. Something ate all my corn last year I never did figure out what it was.
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Sweet corn, tomatoes, pumpkins and cantaloupe... My main crops and the majority of my sales.

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I totally have no idea what I'm doing as this is just my 2nd year gardening, but I seem to do something right! I guess since everyone says "there's no way you can do corn in small spaces" - but I DO - my specialty is corn in small spaces. :)

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Peppers, hands down. Not a specialty, because after 15+ years of growing them, I still learn something new about them each year. However, I think they like Wyoming, for some obscure reason. I've never had a bad pepper year. They are unhappy with the short season but produce like mad when they can. I have crammed as many as two dozen in one 8' x 4' foot bed and still had them produce like crazy. Gardening would not be gardening for me were it not for my old reliables: hot peppers.
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Corn and squash ............ can you believe 51 years?
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