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Pickin Peas

If you plant something like Victory Freezer or Lincoln, the pods mostly get ready all at once. These can be grown without supports. Plant 4 rows spaced ten inches. The seed can be pretty close in the rows. 1 to 2 inches.

When it is time to pick them, just pull the whole plant, throw it in the wagon and haul it over into the shade of a tree, and sit down on a chair to pick peas. The peas can go to the table and into the freezer and the vines can go into the compost heap, and you can plant a late crop of something where the peas were.

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We planted Lincoln the last two years and really enjoy them.
Ripening all at once is part of a lot of "heritage" seed plants, frankly I find it a lot more convenient to do big harvests (I just succession plant to get a bigger season) because I do the same thing. Rip everything out of the ground & find a nice shady spot to relax & harvest.

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Some of my most fond memories of gardening as a kid was when Dad would pull up the green bean plants, and then the whole family would sit at the picnic table under the maple tree and pick the beans off the vines. Back then, we didn't have any carts, so Dad would pull the bean plants, put them in a bushel basket, bring them to the table, and dump them. He would then go off for another basket full of plants until they were all pulled, then he would join us to finish off the picking.

My kids missed all of that fun, so I'm making sure my grandson is getting the "opportunity" to help!!


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I do pretty much the same thing with the soybeans I plant for Edamame. I'll pick a few as they mature just to get a little taste of how they are doing, but pick them like you mentioned when ready for the real harvest.

It is much easier to be sitting and picking them off the bushes than it is to be bent over in the garden.

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