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Garden Burn Off

Hi there! Fairly new to this livin' in the country thing. My husband thinks my question is hysterical (he was raised in the country) but I need some reassurance. Here goes-----my husband piled grass clippings and burned off the garden with diesel fuel a couple of times. Now I am leary of planting tomatoes and peppers in that spot and then eating them. Ick! Any suggestions?

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I'm sure someone will come in with better advice, because I'm not sure- but i would definately be wary, too! Especially if some of the fuel seeped into the soil. I would guess he did it to help prevent weeds from growing or something?

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Also you could plant a cover crop for the year to be extra safe, plus it would be good for that garden. Then container for this year.
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Just a guess; One of the reasons You married him is he is likely reasonable and productive, although his methods seem strange at times.
This is how city people see country folk.
If your husband was raised in the country, he likely is working well within his knowledge base.
Trust his sage wisdom in use of the deisel fuel.
After 24 hours of the burn off, If you open the door and smell deisel fuel, he used too much. If you can't smell deisel fuel the next day, it will be okay.
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You may try roto-tilling the soil. Till, wait a week, till wait a week and so on. I'm thinking this will help off-gas. It may also just incorporate the diesel deeper into the soil. :? Maybe you should invest in a propane weed burner.


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I am a country boy myself. Diesel fuel is burned in a tractor.
Organic matter is tilled into the soil to enrich the soil. To burn it is a waste.
On the matter of the fuel being a problem, I would say no. Go ahead and plant.
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