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Planting time

I'm curious about the right time to plant some things I've never tried before.
I live on the boarder of zones 7a AND 7B.
We all know Spring seems to have come early this year (well at least in my area) Any idea from you long time gardeners if (or how) planting times might be adjusted.
I am looking at planting some potatoes, and a few onions. I'd like to plant some sweet onions, but not sure my soil will provide them.
Dad said it is 'traditional' to plant potatoes on Good Friday. I think that's when he thought they used to put out water mellons. Onions I have NO idea.

Can any of you experienced growers offer some input.
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Those who plant by phenological signs (i.e. plant and animal life cycle events) say plant potatoes when the forsythia blooms. That has already come and gone for me and I'm north of you. I planted my potatoes mid March when the forsythia bloomed here.

Onions are very slow from seed. I plant them in fall for harvesting the next summer. Planting now, you would be better to do sets.

Watermelon need the soil to be well warmed up first, above 70 degrees (soil temperature, not air temperature). At a guess, for you that might be somewhere between mid April and 1st of May.
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[url=https://www.caes.uga.edu/topics/sustainag/documents/GOplantingcalendar.pdf]Take a look at this.[/url]

Your extension service has loads of information that may be helpful.
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