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cabbage and broccoli from seed (direct sowing)

My growing zone is 4b/5a. Live in northern MI; main growing season starts @ end of May (April for cool weather stuff).

Normally, broccoli/cabbage is started from seed indoors, hardened off, then transplanted; otherwise they won't mature before hot weather sets in.

However, I've picked very early maturing varieties for broccoli and cabbage; they take about 45 days (this doesn't include germination time).

4-6 weeks normally for broccoli/cabbage. However this time frame IS their days to maturity. Can I direct sow outdoors (w/protection)

They'll be in raised beds/containers, so I can move if need be.

Possible w/early maturing lettuce? Know it loves cool weather for germination and growing; for days to maturity, 40-50 days.

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My hardiness zone is the same as yours. I direct sow several varieties of cabbage and broccoli. The only problem I have found is that the bugs love it. You must protect it from the bugs from the day you plant it.

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Start a month early by using your raised bed as a cold frame. Simply put a glass or plastic cover! I think you get stronger plants in a cold frame to transplant later.

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