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I plant by the calendar. May 5 is the day for the first corn. This is about two weeks before the average day of last frost.

The way this year is going, I may jump the gun a bit this year. I won't make a large planting early though. Try a couple of short rows.

I have never used a soil thermometer for anything.

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is it true that bi color corn is sweeter then yellow corn? I'm talking about both being se type corn...

so ambrosia must be sweeter then bodacious if this statement is true

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I think the sweetness factor may have to do with something other than color but I could be wrong.

Wow, James! Those Ambrosia ears have certainly filled out nicely. Looks more like my Bodacious.

Kandy Korn really could not reach maturity here, Joed. The weather began too cool before it had really run thru its course. I avoid any warm-season variety that claims to be 80 days+. And, not all SE varieties can be planted in cold soil . . . at least, that is the claim. The whole class made a wonderful contribution to my corn growing :) .

Note the "Early maturing and capable of vigorously sprouting in cool soils" for Eric's Sugar Dots. Obviously, you will need enuf garden space next year for 4 to 6 varieties :wink: !


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I can't really say it's a "favorite" because I've only really ever grown two varieties, but I was pretty happy with my Bi-Licious last year.

We had our first annual (?) Corn-U-Copia party on day 80, and everyone loved it.

I just planted a packet on 3/11, and it's up now:

That's my "bellwether" crop of ~30 plants. I'm going to plant 3 more packets this weekend, and as soon as my bellwether crop is ready to eat, I'll know to send out invitations for 3 weeks later :)

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