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bell pepper plant issues

Ok so I was transferring a bell pepper plant into a bigger planter. In the process, the main stem broke. I taped it up, it's still a little bit lopsided, and hanging by a thread. I just need to know if it's still salvageable. I would appreciate any and all advice. Thanks, everyone!
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In my experience with peppers I'd say it is still salvageable. I have pepper plants that are 2 years old that have been through ridiculous heat and cold fronts with temps in the mid twenties. I thought they were dead because they lost all their leaves and the stalk was bone dry and filled with ants.

They have new stalks coming out of them with many new blossoms. As long as it takes root, it should survive and grow new stalks or branches.

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depends where it broke, if there still some shoots on the stem itll start growing from the stem but if it snapped at the base, then its toast.
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