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starting sweet potato plant


I have a sweet potato that has 5 sprots on it

now what :?:

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Well the first thing you want to do is gently twist off the sprouts and put them in a shallow bowl with water reaching about half of the way up the sprout. You will want to play with it to get it to stand up without completely falling into the water. It will take a few days to a week for the roots to grow. After the roots have come out you want to take them out and untangle the roots of the little sprout-ling. Get rid of any sprouts that did not grow roots.

Next dig a hole in loose well-drained soil about 4" deep and 2.5" wide. Place the sprout root first in the soil and make sure the roots are completely covered. Only put one sprout in each hole. After you have planted all of them make sure you keep them well watered.

Sweet potatoes like HOT, so plant in the summer.

Good luck!

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